Recommended Knives

Here is a list of knives that I have investigated and recommend to any serious buyers. For those of you who aren't serious, I'll include some fun knives too

Damascus steel creates a beautiful knife that is worth the price for either a collector or a user.

The Bowie knife is a time tested and durable design for hunters and fishermen.

damascus steel knife is holds a special beauty that holds an ancient feel to it.

Hunting knives are useful tools, but who ever said a tool can't beautiful too?

Knives adorned with horn grips are more durable and don't scratch as easily.

Something to consider when buying is the tang. (the piece of metal that extends into the grip and holds the knife together) A full tang is much more durable than a half tang and will keep the knife from breaking. This knife has a full tang and is very well made despite it's price.